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Melia Peninsula Varadero Hotel
Melia Peninsula Varadero Hotel
Varadero, Matanzas
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Today, 116 years after the foundation of the villa, Varadero is the largest and most important tourist area of the island with the highest concentration of hotels (almost 60) and other facilities devoted to entertainment.

Varadero possesses 8 international marinas, among which the most important are the marinas Dársena, Chapelín, Gaviota, and Marlin, all associated to renowned international clubs like the International Nautical Club, Marlin, and Jolly Roger. They meet all the requirements and possess all the means for the practice of immersion, such as: modern boats, diving centers, hyperbaric chambers, and highly qualified personnel. Immersion is indeed one of the most practiced nautical sports in Varadero owing to the rich marine bottoms with more than 40 kinds of corals and a vast diversity of fish and aquatic fauna in general.

Varadero also possesses an international parachuting center in which one can practice lone jumps (in the case of holders of international parachuting licenses), guided jumps or even take a complete course on this dangerous but coveted sport.

Its hotels, displaying and enviable beach architecture, comply with the top international requirements for comfort and services, counting on the prestige of recognized hotel chains from around the world. Most of the hotels of the categories of 3 to 5 stars have adopted the demanded All Inclusive option, thus guaranteeing a more pleasant stay for its guests.

It is worth mentioning that Varadero complements all this lodging facilities with a vast non-hotel infrastructure of facilities linked to entertainment that can be able to satisfy the most demanding taste, which makes Varadero one of the main destinations chosen by more visitors coming to Cuba from all the corners of the globe.

Convention tourism has also its own space in Varadero. The Convention Center "Plaza America" counts on a plenary room, with capacity for 600 people, besides 7 additional minor rooms. It constitutes an ideal place for those who like to share the work with the peace of the Caribbean.

- Main Attractions

Besides the beach as such, Varadero offers other great tourist attractions such as:

The caves of Ambrosio, Musulmanes, and Vizcaíno, where the visitor can appreciate several inner lagoons and a relaxing flora outside.

For immersion lovers, Varadero offers the choice of visiting the blue hole of "Ojo del Mégano", an impressive underwater cavern of 70 mt (230 ft) of diameter with huge coral reefs and schools of colorful fish.

Golf also has its own space in the spectacular Varadero International Golf Club, an 18-hole professional course for the lovers of this exquisite sport.

The dolphin show offers the natural art of these spectacular creatures. In addition, you can live the amazing experience of bathing with one of these friendly mammals.

The amusement park in continuous development "All in One" offers a roller coaster, mad cars, a carrousel, bowling, billiard, and much more to satisfy the youngest of the family.

Other attractions are the guided tours like:

Cayo Blanco: a virgin key where one can swim with dolphins in their natural habitat.

The Varasub: a modern boat from which one can appreciate the coral reefs and a whole museum under the sea
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